City Tour

Knowing the Capital City is an essential part of your visit to São Tomé and Príncipe. 

Built around Ana Chaves Bay and characterised by wide and tree-lined streets, this quiet city is full of houses and buildings in the Portuguese colonial style and also has some historical buildings from the 16th century. Visit the local markets and experience the friendliness of the people of São Tomé. We start our tour at the Fort of São Sebastião and the Monument to the Discoveries. The Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1575 and is currently the National Museum of São Tomé. We continue our tour with the Cathedral on Praça da Independência, passing the Presidential Palace and Marginal 12 de July, the road that runs round the whole Bay. We will visit the Quá Tela crafts store, which offers a range of local products. We will finish our tour at the cultural centre CACAU - Casa das Artes, Criação, Ambiente Utopias. Dedicated to the Arts in general, it offers exhibitions of painting, photography and visual arts, concerts, crafts shops, and restaurants. CACAU is hosting the 7th São Tomé and Príncipe Biennial of Art and Culture, which will open on 1 November.